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About Egan & Well

Egan & Well is a creative project by designer Eloise Camire and Double-echo, a small graphic design studio founded in Montreal in 2007. We wanted to play with new creative ideas for the home and share our passion for minimalist design and typography. With a big influence from scandinavian design, we also wanted to keep things simple: Each piece will fit in a standard Ikea frame.

Why the name? We bought a contemporary house at the corner of Egan and Wellington Streets. Huge white walls and concrete floors are awesome but quite cold. We wanted to fill our home with colors and inspiring art, and make each room original and refreshing. Our style will fit any contemporary decor, from Mid Century Modern to industrial and eclectic. We mix modern computational design with traditional screen printing and wood printing techniques.

Discover the story behind each original piece. Mix them up with your own pictures to create a unique decor. 
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