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From the tube to the wall

The last thing we want is for your prints to stay in the tube forever. The standard sizes selection of our posters makes it very easy to create a frame composition using affordable Ribba frames from Ikea. These frames are available in white or black for a pure and minimalist look. Other affordable standard frames are also available from stores like West Elm. 

Here is a quick sizing chart:

12 x 16 Prints : Perfect fit in Ribba 16x20 with mat. Trim 1/4" for Ribba 12x16 without mat. 
16 x 20 Prints : Perfect fit in Ribba 20x28 with mat. Trim 1/4" for Ribba 16x20 without mat.
18 x 24 Prints : Fit in Ribba 20x28 with white paper under.
24 x 36 Prints : Perfect fit in Ribba 24x26 without mat.


01. Ribba 20x28 with mat
Ribba 16x20 without mat
03. Ribba 12x16 without mat
Ribba 20x28 with white paper or mat under